When you are accused of a crime it can feel as though your life is over.  Proper representation in the form of a zealous advocate will protect your freedom and assist with your peace of mind.  It is vitally important that you have representation before speaking to the prosecution, law enforcement, family, or friends. Every moment you do not have representation leaves you at risk of making crucial mistakes that can jeopardize your freedom. Please allow the Law Office of Mo Abusaft to defend you during this critical time.


In Federal Court, criminal matters are handled in District Court by Federal District Court Judges appointed by the President of the United States. Federal criminal investigations differ significantly from state criminal investigations. Assistant United States Attorneys also known as AUSAs prosecute the cases in Federal Court under the supervision of the United States Attorney for a given Federal District. Unlike in State Court, these prosecutors are often involved in the actual investigation of a federal crime. Often when the subject of a criminal investigation is arrested the federal government believes it has an open-and-shut case.

 In Federal Court, the U.S. Code, the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, the Federal Rules of Evidence, and the case law as dictated by the United States Supreme Court controls. Only attorneys who are members of the Federal Bar can appear in Federal Court.  Mo Abusaft is a member of the Federal Bar and has appeared in Federal Court to advocate for those accused of serious crimes and those subjected to federal investigation.

If you find you are the target of a federal investigation, contact the Law Office of Mo Abusaft immediately.

Attorney Mo Abusaft

In South Carolina, serious criminal matters are handled in General Sessions by Circuit Court judges who are selected by the South Carolina General Assembly. Each Judicial Circuit has resident judges who by definition have their home offices in that Circuit. However, Circuit Court judges may travel throughout the State and hold court away from their home circuits. For most matters you will have a hearing with a resident judge but not always.

Mo Abusaft served as both a clerk to Circuit Court Judge Mark Hayes and to Former Chief Justice Costa Pleicones of the South Carolina Supreme Court. He has experience with legal argument in both the written and oral form and above all experience inside a courtroom.  In General Sessions, the South Carolina Code, the South Carolina Rules of Criminal Procedure, the South Carolina Rules of Evidence, and the case law as dictated by the Supreme Court of South Carolina (along with the decisions of the Federal Courts) control the proceedings. Mo Abusaft is uniquely situated to represent your interest in South Carolina General Sessions.

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