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The Law Office of Mo Abusaft offers many legal services as listed below, please let us know if we can help you.

Law Office of Mo Abusaft Criminal & Injury Attorney - CRIMINAL

When you are accused of a crime it can feel as though your life is over.  Proper representation in the form of a zealous advocate will protect your freedom and assist with your peace of mind.  It is vitally important that you have representation before speaking to the prosecution, law enforcement, family, or friends. Every moment you do not have representation leaves you at risk for making crucial mistakes that can jeopardize your freedom. Please allow the Law firm of Mo Abusaft to defend you during this critical time.

Law Office of Mo Abusaft Criminal & Injury Attorney - INJURY

Everyone has a duty to act reasonably. When someone acts unreasonably and those acts hurt you, then you are entitled to be made whole by financial compensation. 

Allow the Law Office of Mo Abusaft, to help you with your Injury case.

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SCDC Stabbing Cases

The South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) is underfunded and understaffed. SCDC has a gang problem and often these gangs are in control of the detention facilities. The gangs sometimes are even in control of the guards and staff placing other inmates in physical danger.  


If SCDC staff are on notice that an inmate is in physical danger and they fail to protect that inmate, then SCDC is liable financially under both State and Federal law. Allow the Law Office of Mo Abusaft to help you with these claims.

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College & University Title IX Investigations

College and University Title IX investigations are serious matters that can derail your academic career regardless of whether you are a student or faculty member. These investigations are conducted by University staff after a complaint has been made alleging gender-based harm outlined in the school's anti-discrimination policy. 

Law Office of Mo Abusaft Criminal & Injury Attorney - POST CONVICTION RELIEF
Post Conviction Relief

Post-Conviction Relief, or PCR, is usually the last attempt by a convicted defendant to attack his or her sentence. PCR occurs after direct appeal and issues that can be challenged on direct appeal cannot be attacked on PCR.

Law Office of Mo Abusaft Criminal & Injury Attorney - POLICE BRUTALITY EXCESSIVE FORCE
Police Brutality/
Excessive Force

Every day we are seeing more and more evidence that many in the law enforcement community are abusing the trust that we have granted them. As citizens, we have constitutional protections and expectations of reasonableness that law enforcement must follow. 


Protecting your rights against law enforcement is a very difficult area of law, which requires a dedicated advocate with legal skill. Allow the Law Office of Mo Abusaft to help you with this difficult matter.